Private Qi Gong Instruction

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An ancient Chinese calisthenic that combine graceful,stretching movements with slow, measured breathing. Research has shown that these exercises effectively reduce stress and anxiety, in addition to protecting against disease, aging and mental health problems. Each movement works as a self-massage for the internal organs, while improving circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids throughout the body.
Qi Gong uses physical movements or postures which incorporate intention, meditation, relaxation for mind and body, and true breathing. The aim of these physical movements and exercises is to develop an awareness of the inner Life Force (“Qi”) in our bodies, and to integrate this awareness with the mind to create better balance between both mind and body.Qi Gong guides our “Qi” towards the improvement of health and the achievement of maximum performance. This practice can help anyone, whether an athlete, a salesperson, a caretaker, a mother or a retiree to improve that optimal balance between mind and body and to enhance whatever performance that person might be interested in pursuing.