Weight Management Counseling - Virtual

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Weight Management isn’t about cutting calories and starving yourself. It’s about balance. Making sure you are eating the right foods, and the right mix of them to achieve better health through nutrition. Our Weight Management Counseling program uses the latest discoveries in Nutritional Science and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to promote healthy weight loss and positive lifestyle changes.

Using a psychological therapy technique used to treat a multitude of under-lying problems ranging from stress, to eating disorders an obesity, our counselors work with you from everything to understanding nutrition labels, to healthy eating, macronutrients and more. And while Weight Management Counseling isn't a substitute for proper lifestyle decisions such as getting appropriate amounts of exercise or limiting caloric intake, it’s often used as a supplemental approach to help support lifestyle change.

Weight Management Counseling consists of a series of conversations and goals with a specialist in behavioral therapy as it pertains to weight management. During initial conversations you will cover the history of your lifestyle as well as goals for future your body composition. In subsequent meetings, you and your counselor will set S.M.A.R.T. goals as well as outline actionable steps that will help you to achieve them.

Over time, your counselor will lead you to transformations that may have not been possible on your own. From both an accountability standpoint an a educational approach, your counselor will show you just what it takes in order to achieve your long-term goals.

Through a series of lifestyle changes, body image modification, and the setting of goals both short and long term, you’ll begin to see drastic changes that may have not been possible had you gone at it alone. An after you’ve reached your initial body composition goals, your counselor will then continue to guide you on healthy lifestyle goals so that you can maintain your initial hard work.